Tribute to Kenneth McNeil

It is with great sadness that we have to say goodbye to our dearest lifelong CND supporter Kenneth McNeil. He was active since our formation and had a pivotal role in the nuclear disarmament and wider Scottish peace movement.

Isobel Lindsay – current vice chair of Scottish CND said:

“Kenneth had a continuous role in SCND from its formation until his death. I met him first around the 1960’s when he was on the SCND executive – never flamboyant, always steady, determined, consistent and principled.

I was not involved as an executive member through the seventies and eighties although active in campaigns because of my other commitments.

Sometime during the 1990’s Kenneth phoned me and asked if I would go on the executive because he was very worried about personality tensions which he felt were undermining the organisation. It was typical of him to try to find positive ways to resolve problems. 

It did not sound like a very attractive invitation but knowing Kenneth’s dedication, I felt I could not say no. He is one of the movement’s quiet heroes.”

 Arthur West chair of Scottish CND from 2011- 2019 said:

“Kenneth served as Scottish CND secretary for a number of years and was also a very hard working executive member. He was involved heavily in the Scottish CND Education Committee and in the last few years served on the committee of the charity Peace Education Scotland.

During my time as chair he was very supportive to me and a very good source of advice based on his past experience and expertise.

Kenneth was massively committed to Scottish CND and the wider peace movement and he made an enormous contribution down the years.

His work in developing Scottish CND educational resources was absolutely outstanding. He will be very sadly missed.”

David MacKenzie current Scottish CND executive member said:

“I got to know Kenneth in recent years when we would meet up from time to time.

For me, this was a chance to be in an intelligent and alert company and to tap into his wide and up-to-date knowledge.

He was one of the best-informed people within Scottish CND. I will miss these occasional meetings for his warmth and his passionate conviction.”

Flavia Tudoreanu, Coordinator of Scottish CND

“Kenneth was always sharp, analytical and very respectful of everyone’s view. His wisdom of life was striking and his commitment to our cause never faded. A lifetime of dedication to the nuclear disarmament movement.”

His funeral service is taking part today, 4th of March 2021, and if any of his CND friends and supporters want to watch the broadcast please get in touch and we’ll offer you the details to log in.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this difficult time.