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Text reads "Take the Target Off Our Back, nuclear weapons cost the earth, the weans, and the earth. Are nuclear weapons your red line?" Illustrations depict three figures with dart boards on their backs, and ominous red glow cast a red light on their clothes, and a spotlight shining on the dartboards. One is an NHS nurse, one is a child with curly hair, and the final is a woman with dark hair, holding a seedling in her hand. All three characters are looking nervously over their shoulders.
Take the target off our back promotional image

Scottish Politics

Ross Greer MSP signing in support of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

Our Demands for a Nuclear Free Scotland

We call on the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament to endorse the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, and to agree that an independent Scotland would sign it at once.

Meanwhile, we are asking the Government to prepare for the Treaty by taking steps to ensure that, as far as possible, its provisions are incorporated into the Programme for Government and into Scottish domestic legislation. 

We are calling on our Scottish representatives to continue to resist the UK’s commitment to increase its stockpile of nuclear weapons and put pressure on the UK to completely change its nuclear policy.

We are also asking the Government to step up to its own responsibilities – especially to fully acknowledge the risks to Scotland arising from nuclear convoys, and to demand an end to these, since it is impossible to effectively keep the Scottish population safe from the risks of a nuclear accident.