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Lakenheath Alliance for Peace

Scottish CND has joined the newly formed Lakenheath Alliance for Peace (LAP). LAP is a coalition of groups that is dedicated to preventing the return of US Nuclear weapons to USAF Lakenheath. 

Scottish CND’s main focus has to be the nuclear weapons in Scotland but we are a partner of ICAN and strong supporter of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. We, of course, also support the Campaign of Resistance to Nuclear Weapons at Lakenheath and will help resist any use of infrastructure and personnel in the UK to facilitates the possibility of nuclear war fighting.  

LAP is committed to nonviolent direct action for a peaceful and non-threatening world. It demands that military resources are instead directed towards global peace and justice and the prevention of human caused climate change and biodiversity loss. TP members will be supporting the peace camp at Lakenheath in the summer and hope that many TPers will join in. A website is in the process of being built at