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Photo: Ivon Bartholomew

Nuclear Convoys

Nuclear weapons are regularly transported between Aldermaston in the south of England, where they are manufactured, to Coulport and Faslane in Scotland, where they are kept ready for action. 

These journeys happen in convoys, usually with several unmarked heavy goods lorries and an entourage of emergency vehicles. The lorries are transporting nuclear material, including actual nuclear warheads – if there was a serious accident, the risk to public health and to our environment would be unimaginable.

NukeWatch monitors convoy movements across Scotland, relying on individuals across the country to keep them updated if a convoy is seen passing. Please consider putting NukeWatch’s number in your phone (0345 4588 365) so that you can get in touch straight away if you think you have seen a nuclear convoy.

The number of nuclear convoys into Scotland is increasing, with eight observed in 2020 – an average of one every six weeks. According to NukeWatch estimates, this means that the UK government has already been increasing its nuclear stockpile for some time – well ahead of announcing its intention to officially increase the cap.

In 2022, we contacted local Scottish councils to consider their responsibility to inform their public about the risks from the convoys and appropriate emergency measures.

Access the report here:

Nuclear convoys pose a direct risk to our homes, our families, our schools and our towns as they drive past. The Scottish Government and Scottish local authorities have a responsibility to ensure that we are safe, in accordance with Civil Contingencies legislation. Please contact your representative and ask them what they know about nuclear convoys in Scotland, and what action they are taking to address the serious risks.