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Photo: Ivon Bartholomew

Who We Are

Scottish CND campaigns for the elimination of nuclear weapons in Scotland and in the world. We call for recognition of the grave harm done to people who have been subjected to nuclear ‘tests’ around the world, and of the serious damage to our planet at every stage of the nuclear process. We address the deep links between nuclear power and nuclear weapons, and call for an end to the entire nuclear industry. 

We demand better: a community in which the billions currently wasted on nuclear weapons are invested instead in our health and wellbeing, in strong social support, and in climate action – contributing to true human security, rather than the threat of mass destruction.

We are a membership organisation, and welcome members and supporters from across Scotland. We have a number of local branches who organise events and campaigns in their local area, in addition to our Scotland-wide campaigning. We are a non-profit organisation and a Scottish partner of the International Campaign for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons (ICAN). We work in partnership with other groups who share common objectives, and welcome affiliates from across the peace movement.