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Photo: Ivon Bartholomew


Over £7 billion is currently invested in nuclear weapons producers by the Scottish Local Government Pension Scheme, the Scottish Parliamentary Pensions Scheme, three Scottish financial institutions and the 10 top universities in Scotland – according to research by Don’t Bank on the Bomb Scotland.

Our leaders can say all the right things about nuclear disarmament, but it means nothing while our money continues to prop up nuclear programmes. Widespread divestment from manufacturers and other activities related to nuclear weapons production can help to bring an end to nuclear weapons, even before governments have officially agreed to disarm.

Please write to your MSP and demand that the Scottish Government immediately divests all public funds from activities relating to nuclear weapons.

Please contact your Local Council and ask them to pass a resolution calling for their pension funds to be divested from any activities relating to nuclear weapons.

If your bank or pensions provider invests in nuclear weapons, you can help put pressure on them to change their investment practices, and switch to ethical investments. Use Don’t Bank on the Bomb Scotland’s template letters to contact your providers and ask them to change.