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Faslane Peace Camp

Barrie Reid
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"A piece of history that continues to serve notice on The Elite that the UK does not need nuclear weapons."
Rae Mckinley
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"I have great admiration for the people who have made the decision to be a permanent presence in order to highlight nuclear weapons. Having this camp on the Gare Loch draws attention to the danger the world faces, especially in today’s geo-political climate. It also shows the establishment that there are people who are willing to be proactive against nuclear weapons, and that there is an alternative voice from the people."
Cameron W
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"Met a few people there. Really friendly. They gave me a tour of the site. Garden, showers, toilets, kitchen and guest sleeping. Recommend anyone curious to just pop along. Not what I was expecting at all. Very welcoming."
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"I came to visit and fell in love with the place. I'm really excited that I've come in the 40th year. If you've ever wanted to visit Faslane and you haven't, then now is a really good time to come."
Iona Soper
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"Peace camp is the longest continuously active protest camp in the world. But the fact that it's still open is testament to the fact that it's become like a hub for Scottish activism."
Faslane Peace Camp Building Work

Faslane Peace Camp is the longest running occupied peace camp in the world. In June 2022, they celebrated 40 years of protesting. Scottish CND supported the celebrations through promoting the weekend-long event and creating a livestream on social media.


Over the last few months, there have been a number of successful lock-on protests at the gates of Faslane military base that gained considerable media attention.


This included the Faslane Action for the Bomb Ban, which took place over the week preceding the Faslane Peace Camp celebrations.


This was led and organised by Trident Ploughshares in collaboration with Extinction Rebellion (XR) Peace. What has marked these protests is the remarkable respect between protestors and the police.


Where is it?

Faslane Peace Camp is located near Helensburgh, just a stone’s throw from His Royal Majesty’s Naval Base.

What do they do?

The camp stands as a witness against all forms of nuclear activity in the UK, and the wider world. Activists associated with Faslane Peace Camp hold vigils and demonstrations throughout the year to protest nuclear weapons. Listen to Cath’s story here:

How you can get involved:



If you’re interested in visiting or staying at Faslane Peace Camp, feel free to drop them a line!



For regular updates and to follow the day to day of peace campers and their resident cat Chickpea, check out their Facebook page. 




They’re always on the look out for dedicated volunteers, be it activism and awareness raising, or camp maintenance. 

Whatever puts a spark in your belly – there’s a place for it at Faslane Peace Camp. 



Donations contribute towards keeping the camp in top form – so that it can continue to exist as a symbol of peace in a world bent on waging war.