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Scottish CND’s Festival for Survival: Uniting the Peace & Climate Movements

The Festival for Survival Promotional Image - An image of the earth with fire on the left moving towards a green and healthy globe on the right. On the left a nuclear weapon is cut from a thread, on the right a bee flies upwards. In the centre words read "Join the Festival for Survival. 4th November 2023." A peace symbol is pictured in the top centre.

War has scarred the 21st Century and the world is careering towards an even more precarious position. The rising potential for nuclear calamity fuses with another existential threat: human-induced catastrophic climate change and ecocide.

These threaten the very habitat we rely on.

Instead of diverting efforts towards the green infrastructure required to sustain all life, yet more resources are thrown into the war machine. Today’s nuclear bombs are many times more destructive than those dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

They represent the end of all species – and life itself.

In spite of this, all of the nuclear states including India and China are developing new weapons. 

So, the non-nuclear powers are rising up, creating new pressure towards disarmament through the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

The rest of the world recognizes that the movement for nuclear disarmament is needed now more than at any time since the height of the Cold War. In Scotland, we have a special responsibility to rise to that challenge.

Removal of nuclear warheads from Faslane and Coulport in Scotland would dismantle the British nuclear weapons system and prove that nuclear states can be disarmed. 

The world is watching.

To play our part, Scottish CND will be hosting The “Festival For Survival” on November 4th 2023 at Adelaide’s and The Renfield Centre in Glasgow. The event will bring together international speakers, campaigners, creative artists and activists.

Let’s discuss how we can build a movement for nuclear disarmament, peace, the environment, and climate justice.

A mix of lectures, plenaries, workshops and cultural exhibits will bring hundreds of people together to discuss how we can make another world possible.