Farewell from Flavia

Blog by Flavia Tudoreanu, Scottish CND Campaign Coordinator & Manager

For the past 10 years, I have been supporting Scottish CND’s work in one form or another and would absolutely continue to do so, but time has come for me to step down from my current role.

Recent life events and the pandemic led me to the decision of returning to Romania and be closer to family. Scotland will always remain one of my two homes.

My time with Scottish CND & Peace Education Scotland has been the highlight of my experience in Scotland. I have met and worked with so many extraordinary people and got involved in projects I’ve never dreamt I would.

I grew in the peace movement team and become a much rounder person while expanding my skills and experiences. I have built a family in this community and celebrated together the happy milestones of our lives. I also lost some of my most respected friends and colleagues (like John Ainslie, Alan MacKinnon and others) and I am forever grateful to have had the chance to work with this team.

I would like to thank you all for welcoming me, supporting me and trusting me with such important work. I am sure you’ll keep up the work to rid Scotland of Trident and I will be the first on the list to party when that happens.

Going forward I would really want to continue using the expertise gained at Scottish CND & NHS Scotland for the greater good. I will always be supportive of nuclear disarmament and hope to help as much as I can but I also aim to build a new organisation in Romania to advance gender equality and women empowerment. We have a long way to come in this area and the third sector in Romania is just starting off. If any of you would be willing to support me in my new journey please make a contribution here or contact the office.

If any of you want to keep in touch don’t hesitate to ask for my details and if you want a walk down the memory lane here are some of my favourite photos with our movement.