Election 2021: A Decisive Result for Nuclear Disarmament

Scottish CND welcomes the outcome of the Scottish Election, which saw widespread success for supporters of nuclear disarmament – reflecting the strong public support across Scotland for an end to nuclear weapons.

Two parties – the SNP and the Scottish Greens – made clear manifesto commitments to outlawing nuclear weapons in Scotland and working to abolish them around the world, through the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. In addition, a number of Labour MSPs who are committed to nuclear disarmament were elected, with Labour’s representative at the Scottish Peace Hustings making it clear that Scottish Labour have a distinct position on nuclear disarmament, which differs from Westminster’s.

With such widespread and cross-party support for nuclear disarmament, we call on the new Scottish Government and Parliament to make this a priority for the new political term.

There is no better time: Scotland can benefit from enormous international solidarity in its work to abolish nuclear weapons, by committing to sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons following independence, and by reflecting it in our policy-making and domestic legislation as far as possible even now.

And there is no more urgent time: The UK is moving to increase its stockpile of nuclear weapons in defiance of its international commitments, and nuclear convoys continue to truck nuclear warheads across Scotland on an ever more frequent basis. As an aggressive UK makes the world less safe for all of us, Scotland can offer an alternative – a peaceful and collaborative contribution to real human security – by our determined resistance to nuclear weapons.

Can you help to make this a reality?

Write to your new MSP(s) and find out where they stand on nuclear disarmament and the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Thank them if they have already adopted the ICAN Pledge. Ask them to sign it if they’ve not yet done so.
Encourage your new MSP(s) to get involved with the re-establishment of the Cross Party Group on Nuclear Disarmament. This is a vital forum for representatives of all Parties to discuss nuclear issues and to share ideas and build consensus on the way forward.

We are calling for nuclear disarmament to form a central part of the new Programme for Government, and we are encouraging all MSPs to use the parliamentary tools they have available to raise the profile of nuclear issues – including growing numbers of nuclear convoys on Scottish roads – and to demand that action is taken on these. We are here to provide support, advice and background information, and would be glad to be contacted by any MSP who wants to push for action to outlaw nuclear weapons.