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Toolkit: Climate and Peace at COP26

From 1 to 12 November 2021, Glasgow will host one of the world’s most significant conferences on environment and climate change, known as COP26.

COP26 must not pass by without world leaders getting to grips with the massive climate damage done by war and preparations for war. Peace organisations across Scotland and around the world demand action on all forms of conflict and militarism, including a complete end to nuclear weapons. Without this, there will be no possibility of an end to environmental destruction, nor any hope of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to the level we need to stave off the worst effects of the climate crisis.

Dive into the resources below to find out more about events and actions taking place at COP26 and in the weeks ahead, related to peace and climate justice; as well as opportunities to volunteer, and to show solidarity and support with activists in the Global South.

If you are interested in finding out more, or if you’d like to help us to plan and organise events or volunteer in any way, please get in touch!

Events and Actions

26 September – Disarm for Our Planet: Die-In

On the International Day for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, join us to call on world leaders to Disarm for our Planet. We will be holding a marine-themed die-in at Faslane (and around Scotland) drawing attention to the links between nuclear weapons, environmental damage and the climate crisis.

4 November – Global Day of Action on Climate Change and Militarism

Peace organisations in Scotland and around the world will be organising actions on 4 November, during the COP26 conference, to draw attention to the links between conflict and climate change. Please check back here for more information shortly, and let us know if you are planning to organise an event, or want to volunteer to help with one!

7-10 November – People’s Summit for Climate Justice

Organised by the COP26 Coalition, the People’s Summit is a global convergence space for movements, campaigns and civil society and will provide an alternative to the business as usual of false solutions and inaction from rich nations and corporations. There is an open call for submissions until 30 August 2021.

Call for Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to help organise a Peace and Climate event in Glasgow on 4 November 2021 – could you help?


Demand that Governments Commit to Meaningful Military Emissions Cuts at COP26

There are signs that some countries may pledge to reduce military greenhouse gas emissions at COP26 in November. This call for action from the Conflict & Environment Observatory sets out the scope of what these pledges should include and is open for signature by organisations before and during the COP.

Stop Excluding Military Pollution from Climate Agreements

As a result of final-hour demands made by the U.S. government during negotiation of the 1997 Kyoto treaty, military greenhouse gas emissions were exempted from climate negotiations. That tradition has continued. This petition from World Beyond War demands an end to this gaping loophole in climate action.

Solidarity and Support

Homestay Network

If you live in or near Glasgow, and you are willing to open your home to visiting activists during COP26, consider signing up to host with the Homestay Network organised by Human Hotel, together with Stop Climate Chaos Scotland and the COP26 Coalition.

Visa Support Service Crowdfunder

Set up by the COP26 Coalition, the aim of this crowdfunder is to provide support for Global South activists to obtain visit visas for COP26. Find out more and support the appeal here.

Venues and Spaces for Civil Society

Want to organise an event during COP26 but have nowhere to host it? Can’t be physically present, but want to make sure your message is still heard? Stop Climate Chaos Scotland have organised a network of bookable event spaces, shopfront displays and so on, for civil society groups campaigning around COP26.


XR Peace has a fantastic collection of resources, including articles, leaflets, posters, logos and graphics, addressing the links between militarism, conflict and climate change.

Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR) have an extensive collection of reports and presentations on the links between climate change and the military.

World Beyond War have put together a collection of articles, videos and factsheets on the ways that war threatens our environment.

Partners and Coalitions

The links between war and climate change are too grave and too urgent to be overlooked. Organisations across the Scottish peace movement are campaigning in the build-up to COP26, and will go on working to address the twin threats to humankind of climate change and militarism for as long as our work is needed. Click on the organisation names below to find out more about what we do, and contact if you would like to see your organisation added to this list:

XR Peace
Trident Ploughshares
Scottish CND
Peace and Justice
Transition Edinburgh
Ayrshire CND
Edinburgh CND
Glasgow CND
Edinburgh Stop the War
Faslane Peace Camp
UN House Scotland
Glasgow Catholic Worker
North East Scotland CND
Medact Scotland
Quakers in Scotland
Scottish WILPF
Highlands Against Nuclear Transport
Scottish Peace Network


The COP26 Coalition is a civil society coalition made of groups and individuals from a range of constituencies in Scotland and the rest of the UK – including many organisations from across the peace movement – who are organising for climate justice around COP26.

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland is a coalition of over 60 civil society organisations in Scotland campaigning together on climate change, including organisations from across the peace movement.