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Members of the Scottish Parliament by Party

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Scottish National Party

All SNP MSPs are opposed to Trident nuclear weapons.

Brian Adam  
George Adam  
Clare Adamson  
Alasdair Allan  
Colin Beattie  
Marco Biagi  
Chic Brodie  
Keith Brown  
Margaret Burgess  
Aileen Campbell  
Roderick Campbell  
Willie Coffey  
Angela Constance  
Bruce Crawford  
Roseanna Cunningham  
Graeme Day  
Nigel Don  
Bob Doris  
James Dornan  
Jim Eadie  
Annabelle Ewing  
Fergus Ewing  
Linda Fabiani  
Joe Fitzpatrick  
Kenneth Gibson  
Rob Gibson  
Christine Grahame  
Jamie Hepburn  
Fiona Hyslop  
Adam Ingram  
Colin Keir  
Bill Kidd  
Richard Lochhead  
Richard Lyle  
Kenny MacAskill  
Angus MacDonald  
Gordon MacDonald  
Derek Mackay  
Mike Mackenzie  
John Mason  
Michael Matheson  
Stewart Maxwell  
Joan McAlpine  
Mark McDonald  
Christina McKelvie  
Aileen Mcleod  
Fiona McLeod  
Stuart McMillan  
Alex Neil  
Gil Paterson  
Dennis Robertson  
Shona Robison  
Michael Russel  
Alex Salmond  
Stewart Stevenson  
Kevin Stewart  
Nicola Sturgeon  
John Swinney  
Dave Thompson  
David Torrance  
Maureen Watt  
Paul Wheelhouse  
Sandra White  
John Wilson  
Humza Yousaf  


Scottish Labour Party

The Labour Party supports Trident and the Replacement of Trident. However individual MSPs have different views on the issue. In 2007 most Labour MSPs abstained in the vote on Trident Replacement.

Jackie Baillie Supports Trident on the basis of the jobs at Faslane
Claire Baker  
Richard Baker  
Claudia Beamish  
Neil Bibby  
Sarah Boyack  
Malcolm Chisholm Opposed to Trident
Kezia Dugdale  
Helen Eadie  
Mary Fee Opposed to Trident
Patricia Ferguson Opposed to Trident
Neil Findlay Member of Nuclear Disarmament CPG
Rhoda Grant  
Iain Gray  
Mark Griffin  
Hugh Henry  
James Kelly  
Johann Lamont  
Lewis MacDonald  
Ken Macintosh  
Hanzala Malik  
Jenny Marra Member of Nuclear Disarmament CPG
Paul Martin  
Margaret McCulloch  
Margaret McDougall  
Michael McMahon  
Siobhan McMahon  
Duncan McNeil  
Anne McTaggart  
Elaine Murray  
John Park  
Graeme Pearson  
John Pentland  
Richard Simpson  
Drew Smith Member of Nuclear Disarmament CPG
Elaine Smith Opposed to Trident
David Stewart  

Scottish Conservative Party

The Conservative Party supports Trident and the replacement of Trident

Gavin Brown  
Jackson Carlaw  
Ruth Davidson  
Alex Ferguson  
Murdo Fraser  
Annabel Goldie  
Alex Johnstone  
John Lamont  
Jamie McGrigor  
David McLetchie  
Nanette Milne  
Margaret Mitchell  
Mary Scanlon  
John Scott  
Liz Smith  

Scottish Liberal Democrats

In 2007 Scottish Lib Dem MSPs supported a motion which called on the UK Government to abandon the plan for Trident Replacement.

Jim Hume  
Liam McArthur  
Alison McInnes  
Willie Rennie  
Tavish Scott  

Scottish Green Party

Scottish Green Party MSPs are opposed to Trident

Patrick Harvie  
Alison Johnstone  


The four independent MSPs are opposed to Trident

Jean Urquart  
John Finnie  
Margo McDonald  
Bill Walker  

Presiding Officer

Tricia Marwick