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Bin the Bomb - Make Trident History

Lobby the candidates standing in the 2011 Scottish Election in your constituency and region and tell them what you think about nuclear weapons. Scotland's for Peace is sending a survey to candidates. Also check the views of the parties.

On 14 June 2007 the Scottish Parliament voted by an overwhelming majority to call on the UK Government not to go ahead with the renewal of the Trident nuclear system.more

On 14 March 2007 the Westminster Parliament voted to replace Trident. However a clear majority of Scottish MPs, voted against. The plans would cost £75 billion and keep nuclear weapons in Scotland for 50 years.

See these Key points about Trident Replacement
Detailed information on the views of all Scottish MPs and MSPs
A report commissioned by the STUC and Scottish CND shows that cancelling Trident could create more jobs in Scotland than are lost. The workforce could be deployed on tackling climate change rather than on nuclear armed submarines. Full report (360kb Word). Colour A3 summary (650kb pdf)
An opinion poll by ICM for Scottish CND at the end of January 2007 found that 73 % of Scots are opposed to spending billions on replacing Trident,
Further information is available from the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
In September 2006 over 1,500 people took part in Scotland's Long Walk for Peace, from Faslane to the Scottish Parliament. The march was a call to Bin the Bomb and Make Trident History. It was supported by Scottish religious leaders and many politicians. See the press coverage.