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The amount that the UK Government is spending on nuclear weapons is doubling from £1.1 bn to £2.2 bn per year. See briefing on Trident Replacement (pdf) and presentation to SCND AGM (pdf)

For the latest news see the Scottish CND blog

On Thursday 14 June 2007 the Scottish Parliament voted by an overwhelming majority to call on the UK Government not to go ahead with its plan to renew Trident. Outline of decision; Detail of vote; Summary of points made in the debate.

Find out what your MSPs think - MSPs views on Trident and contact details (Scotland's for Peace).

Read a report from Scottish CND on the impact of renewing Trident on matters that are devolved to the Scottish Parliament.

On 26 May 2007 Scottish CND held a conference to discuss Trident, Scotland and the new political settlement. A detailed report is available on what the new Parliament could do (Word).

On 14 March 2007 a clear majority of Scottish MPs voted against the Government's plan to renew and replace the Trident nuclear weapon system. 33 voted against, only 22 in favour, while 4 abstained or did not vote. Vote details. During the debate the only Scottish MP to make a speech in favour was Des Browne, the Defence Minister. See comments made by Scottish MPs.

However this was not enough to prevent Westminster from supporting the proposals in the White Paper on the future of British nuclear weapons. If this is implemented it will mean that Tony Blair's legacy will be nuclear weapons based in Scotland for the next 50 years. Background.

Scottish CND is working with other organisations in Scotland's for Peace to Bin the Bomb and Make Trident History.

On 12 March 2007 the STUC and Scottish CND published a new report on the jobs implications of not replacing Trident. This argues that more jobs could be created in Scotland if Trident were not replaced. It also suggests that the skills currently used to build nuclear-armed submarines could be applied to projects which would help to tackle climate change. Full report (360kb Word), 4 page colour summary (650kb pdf).

The true cost of Trident over the next 50 years will be £100 billion or five times what Tony Blair has said, according to an estimate from Scottish CND. Details.

A poll by ICM in January 2007for Scottish CND showed that 73 % of Scots oppose spending £50 billion on Trident replacement.

Support the campaign for the Scottish Parliament to introduce a bill outlawing the threat or use of nuclear weapons. Please respond to this consultation document (Word)

If you are a member of a Trade Union encourage your local branch to submit a resolution opposing Trident Replacement.



Presentation to SCND AGM on Trident Replacement (November 2008 pdf)
Trident Replacement (August 2008 pdf)
Trident Replacement and Scottish Local Authorities Presentation to Nuclear Free Local Authorities Seminar on 25 April 2008 by John Ainslie (ppt 6.5 Mb)
Trident Replacement: the practical implications Presentation to British Pugwash AGM 8 April 2008 by John Ainslie (ppt 5Mb)
"The future of the British bomb"
by Scottish CND Coordinator John Ainslie (Word 860Kb)
"What next for Aldermaston" Report for inspection by Scottish Delegation, June 2006 (Word 1 Mb)
"Aldermaston and Burghfield" Presentation for Scottish Delegation, June 2006 (ppt 1.4 Mb)

Website campaigns against Trident replacement:
British CND No Trident Replacement Campaign
The Big Trident Debate
BASIC - Beyond Trident
WMD Awareness Programme - Beyond Trident
Greenpeace UK - Britain's New Bomb
"The future of Britain's WMD" Dan Plesch, published by the Foreign Policy Centre, March 2006, (pdf 195Kb)

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