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Statement on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Scottish CND unequivocally condemns Russia’s military actions in Ukraine and the threat to use nuclear weapons.

The international community must stand united in ensuring that we protect and support civilians, and Scotland must strongly reject the violations of international law by Russia and the disregard for Ukraine’s sovereignty as an independent state.

A military response by the UK or NATO would escalate conflict. Escalation increase the likelihood of the use of nuclear weapons and nuclear catastrophe involving one or more of the15 nuclear reactors in Ukraine. We urge respect for international law which protects sovereignty and territorial integrity and for humanitarian law which prohibit the targeting of civilians and the infrastructure necessary for civilian survival. We argue that it is in the interest of all states to protect human rights and advance international treaties to reduce the risks of nuclear weapons, including the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Nuclear weapons do not deter conflict but make the world more dangerous, elevating the risk of a massive humanitarian catastrophe. We ask people in Scotland to help find ways of providing humanitarian support to the people of Ukraine and of enhancing dialogue with people in Ukraine and Russia.

Lynn Jamieson (Chair) on behalf of Scottish CND

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Members are encouraged to let us know of any vigils (groups or individuals) and and other acts of solidarity with the people of Ukraine and the brave protesters in Russia. If you send pictures please caption with where and when they were taken.