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Scottish CND Response Statement to Conflict in the Middle East

A young boy sits looking at rubble in Gaza
Image by hosnysalah, Palistinian photographer living in the Palestine-Gaza strip.

When Scottish CND were planning for ‘Festival For Survival’, we did so against a backdrop of increasing militarisation, catastrophic continued environmental breakdown, and war.

That has, to our horror and dismay, escalated rapidly with the recent events in the Middle East. We abhor all attacks on civilians, all violations of international law and extend solidarity to everyone who has been affected.

At Scottish CND, we call for humanity to be centred and for all civilian life to be protected. International humanitarian law prohibits the targeting of civilians and of the infrastructure necessary for civilian survival. We call for a ceasefire and an end to the siege which has prevented the flow of electricity, fuel, food and water to the people of Gaza.

The only way forward in the region is new effort to reach a just peace and respect for international law. The international community has a duty and responsibility to come together to prevent the further targeting of civilians, a wider war or new ethnic cleansing and injustice.

Now more than ever, it feels important for individuals and institutions from across the world to collectively imagine a future free from weapons and wars. To build solidarity between our communities and a world order based on justice which can stop the slide to further war, finally disarm the nuclear threat and meet the challenge of climate change.

We hope the Festival For Survival can offer an opportunity for us to discuss this, and encourage you to join us if you possibly can.