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The British Government is spending £4 billion every year on the Trident nuclear missile system and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

At a time when food prices are soaring and the economy is sinking into a recession, we would like to come together to express our dissatisfaction at this misuse of funds.

The People’s Budget for Peace will highlight how this money can be better used to move towards a culture of peace in Scotland.

How would you spend £ 4 billion
of public money every year ?

Would you spend it on them ?
Or ... would you really spend it all on this ?

Help to create the People's Budget for Peace

Let us know your views - fill in this online form or post this printed form (Word).

Also view the responses received so far.

See this background briefing (200 kb pdf)for more information on the budget for Trident/War and the alternatives.

A Budget for Peace not War

Government spending on Britain's nuclear weapon system and on overseas war is escalating year on year

- Next year we will be spending £2 billion a year on Trident - almost twice as much as 5 years ago
- And we spend at least another £2 billion a year conducting the disastrous and unwinnable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
- Most Scots think the money should be spent instead on tackling poverty and climate change.
- Scotland's share of that money would be £340 million a year - enouth to support at least 10,000 new public service jobs.

How would YOU spend the money ?

- Would you use it to launch a major housebuilding programme to provide affordable housing for homeless and inadequately housed families ?
- Would you use it to increase spending on health and education and create thousands of new public sector jobs ?
- Would you increase spending on health and education and to create a ground breaking rewable energy industry in Scotland ?
- Would you use it to increase overseas aid and debt relief to tackle poverty across the wor.d ?

What you can do

- Ask your MP and MSP to vote against Trident replacement and for British withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan