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Trident and Jobs

In 2007 the Scottish Trades Union Congress and Scottish CND published a study entitled ‘Cancelling Trident: the economic and employment consequences for Scotland’. The report exposed the exaggerated claims of job losses among defence workers in the event of scrapping the Trident programme. Much has happened in the past seven years to make the case for defence diversification more important and more urgent. This new report from the STUC and Scottish CND draws attention to the shift in the balance of global power from a uni-polar to a multi-polar world making Britain’s nuclear weapons system seem increasingly irrelevant, the lack of a credible ‘target’ or military rationale for Britain’s nuclear weapons system and growing support from the nations and peoples of the world for a global ban on these weapons.

Published by: STUC and Scottish CND

Year: 2015

Length: 15 pages