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Vanunu elected Rector of Glasgow University

Students at Glasgow University have elected Mordecai Vanunu as their new rector. Mr Vanunu was held in prison for 18 years for revealing to the world that Israel has nuclear weapons. He was kidnapped from Italy and spent many of these years in solitary confinement.

The Installation of Mr Mordechai Vanunu as 119th Rector of the University of Glasgow will take place on Friday 22 April at 10am in the Bute Hall. For further details see:

Responding to his election he said from Israel:

"I am very happy, I would like to thank the students very much for electing me and I hope to be able to serve them. I hope it spreads the message for a nuclear-free world."

The principal of the University, Sir Muir Russell said that the student's choice demonstrated their international concern.

At the time of his release a series of restrictions were placed on his movements and contacts and he has not been permitted to leave Israel. We are encouraging other Scottish institutions to support his right to travel to visit this country and other parts of the world.

Please help us to gather signatures on a petition calling on the British Government to put pressure on Israel to allow Mr Vanunu to visit Britain -

Petition (Word)

Petition (pdf)


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