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Challenging NATO

Important reading. NATO WATCH has published Peace research perspectives on NATO 2030: A response to the official NATO Reflection Group – a collection of essays

Dr Strangelove is Alive and Well

The Washington Post reports that one Charles Richard, the commander of the U.S. Strategic Command (AKA Nuclear Strike Force) has just said: “There is a

New START Treaty extension

On 26 January, the United States and Russia agreed to extend, the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) for five additional years. This bilateral

The Ban is Here!

It’s here! At long last, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons enters into force today. The bomb is banned. Join us throughout the

Kenspeckle Scots Support the Treaty

Kenspeckle Scots for the TPNW are registering to show their enthusiastic welcome for The Treaty of the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons whose entry into force

Beyond Nuclear Conference

Beyond Nuclear was designed to answer the question: ‘Why would we in Scotland want or need to have nuclear power stations when we have almost