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An opinion poll carried out by ICM for Scottish CND on 26-29 January 2007 found that 73 % of those polled were opposed to the government spending £50 billion on a replacement for Trident.

Q1. The government has begun considering plans to replace Britain's nuclear weapon system, Trident, which is nearing the end of its lifetime. If the government goes ahead with the plans, nuclear weapons would be based in Scotland for the next 50 years. Would you support or oppose nuclear weapons being based in Scotland for this period of time ?
Q2 The cost of replacing Trident is estimated by the government to be around £20 billion, with running costs estimated by others to take the amount spent in total to around £50 billion over the lifetime of the new weapons system. Do you think it is right or wrong to spend around £50 billion in total on new nuclear weapons ?
Q3. The elections to the Scottish Parliament will be held in May. Would you personally be more or less likely to vote for a candidate who supports the plan to replace Trident with a new nuclear weapon system, or would it make no difference one way or the other ?



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