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Questions in the House of Lords

Scottish CND has written to two members of the House of Lords - Lord Hylton and Lord Judd - who asked questions in the House about the UK's position on the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons.

In both cases, the UK Government confirmed its rejection of the Treaty and its continued commitment to nuclear weapons. We wrote to the Lords to express our deep disappointment in the government's position - which we know is out of line with the values of the majority of Scottish people - and to thank them for their courage in bringing this to the table.

Once the Treaty is ratified by 50 States, it will enter into force in international law. States such as the UK, which have not ratified the Treaty, will have the opportunity to attend the Treaty negotiations as observers without prejudice. We hope the UK will take advantage of this opportunity to come together with the international community; to minimise the risk of miscommunication and lack of preparedness for the likely impacts of the TPNW.

Read our letters to Lord Hylton and Lord Judd here: