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Trident Fleet Lifespan may be Extended

Ian Bruce, Defence Correspondent of the Herald reported that the UK is to try to stretch the operational lifespan of its four Trident missile submarin

Blair says Britain needs nuclear weapons

Britain needs nuclear weapons even though they are no use against the threat of terrorism, Tony Blair has announced. His remarks were the most public

Anti-Trident Campaigners put Brakes on Rolls Royce

10 peace campaigners were arrested at Rolls Royce Raynesway in Derby whilst attempting to shut down the factory with a non-violent blockade. 40 activi

Poll shows opposition to spending on Trident replacement

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament today welcomed a MORI poll commissioned by Greenpeace which demonstrates that a majority of the British public wo

Blair\'s Nuclear Bombshell

Tony Blair is facing a political backlash over his decision to order a new generation of nuclear weapons to replace the ageing Trident fleet at a cos

CND briefing on Trident Replacement

CND Briefing on Trident Replacement A decision to replace BritainÂ’s nuclear weapons system, which would cost billions of pounds of public money, ma

CND Condemns Plans to Privatise Nuclear Power Stations

CND reacted with alarm to the news that the government is likely to approve BNFL\'s plans to sell off operations at Sellafield and other major nuclear

Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations

The US government\'s aggressive new policies for nuclear weapons are being turned into military practice. The new doctrine shows military planners ant

Assembly Committee Must Work to Break Stalemate on Nuclear Arms

The senior United Nations disarmament official has called on the General AssemblyÂ’s security committee to break the diplomatic stalemate on nuclear ar

Protest Over Nuclear Weapons Base

PROTESTORS have staged a demonstration outside an American air base in Suffolk with more than 100 nuclear weapons. Around 30 good-natured anti-nuclear