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MSPs and Scottish church leaders to challenge Aldermaston

Press release from Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament 8/6/06 On Monday 12th June a delegation from Scotland will question why more than a bi

Iran Reacts Cautiously to Deals on Trade

Iran has reacted cautiously to a European proposal for resolving the standoff over its nuclear program, with a senior official saying the plan contain

Geologists identify More UK Sites for Nuclear Waste Storage

Around 40 per cent of the UK has the right geology to store the country\'s 470,000 tons of nuclear waste, according to initial findings by the British

CND Supports Activists Challenge To SOCPA

CND has expressed its support for activists Helen John and Sylvia Boyce, who have been arrested again in their ongoing attempt to challenge the trespa

Commission Attacks Nuclear Drift

There has been a dangerous loss of momentum and direction in efforts to rid the world of nuclear weapons, a Commission set up by Sweden says. The Comm

Launch Date for Nuclear Submarine

BAE Systems in Barrow said the first of three Astute Class vessels would be launched on 8 June 2007 - almost four years later than originally planned.

European Court of Justice Rules Against Handover of Passenger Details

European airlines have been told they cannot hand over details of passengers flying into the United States to US authorities. Last year EU governments

Extract from \"Failed States\" by Noam Chomsky

This is an edited extract from Failed States by Noam Chomsky (Hamish Hamilton)£16.99. The selection of issues that should rank high on the agenda

More Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan

The deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan spread to the capital, Kabul with sustained and deadly rioting after a US military vehicle ploughe

CND Calls for End to Missile defence Plans

CND has welcomed the announcement by a Pentagon official that interceptor missiles for the US ‘Son of Star Wars’ missile defence system will not be si