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Arms Dealers Reception at Scottish Parliament Space Reception

Scottish CND chair Arthur West has written to Tory MSP John Scott about a reception he is organising in the Scottish Parliament on Space Technology. The letter expresses concern about the involvement of BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin representatives in the reception.

Both these companies have supplied weapons to the dreadful conflict in Yemen. They are also involved in the production and development of nuclear weapons. The next of the letter sent to John Scott MSP is below:

Scottish CND AGM - Save the date, 16 Nov


Our AGM takes place on Saturday, 16 Nov 2019 at Quaker Meeting House on 7 Victoria Street, Edinburgh, EH1 2 JL (10 am registration, 10:30 start). Guest speakers will soon be announced

All our members and supporters are welcome to attend.

Member of far-right group with links to terrorist organisation due to start work on Trident submarine

A new analysis published by Hope not Hate revealed that two staff members of the Royal Navy, including one who is to start working on a Trident submarine are members of far-right group with links to banned terrorist organisation. Report overview and links to full publication can be found here.  Arthur West, chair of SCND has said:

"The news provides very disturbing information about a soldier with extremist and racists views being involved in the Trident nuclear weapons programme. Any modern day military personnel who hold these kind of views dishonour the memory of the soldiers and sailors who fought against the forces of fascism and racism during the Second World War."

Scottish CND condemn ONR decision to restart Huntertston

Scottish CND condemn Office of Nuclear Regulation's decision to restart Hunterston nuclear reactor 4. The meeting between ONR, Dr Ian Fairlie and NFLA (notes available) stated that while the cracking in Reactor 4 is not as extensive as Reactor 3 there is an issue of some cracks openings that are greater than 1.2cm wide (i.e. 1/2 inch). These cracks still exceed 200 and Scottish CND have been doing some work on this issue, hosting a series of discussions across the country with nuclear expert Dr Ian Fairlie. Most recently publishing a report on Radiation Risks and Nuclear Power in Scotland.

Scottish CND chair Arthur West:

"This news about the Hunterston reactor is very disappointing. It is very worrying that the Office of Nuclear Regulation seems to have increased the number of cracks permitted in the reactor.

This move seems to be a clear case of moving the goalposts to allow the closed reactor to reopen. It really is time to think about a future beyond nuclear energy. The best response to the current situation at Hunterston is to continue the development of safer and cleaner forms of renewable energy."

Scottish CND's nuclear risk special adviser Pete Roach:

"EDF Energy and ONR are gambling with public safety by allowing this reactor to re-open. Scotland doesn't need the electricity - it is a risk not worth taking. This decision seems to be more to do with EDF's financial problems than what is best for the Scottish public."

Scottish CND's working group Radiation Risks urge the public to take the following action:

1. Write (with copies to social media - addresses below) to the following people:

  • the Chief Inspector of the Office of Nuclear Regulation
  • the Chief Executive of the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA)
  • your own MSP and the current Scottish Minister for Energy
  • the Scottish Government's Director of Energy and Climate change

2. Consider planning, organising and participating in demonstrations outside Hunterston

Scottish CND believe that both the Hunterston B reactors should remain closed for good and that EDF and North Ayrshire Council should publish their plans for evacuation in the event of a nuclear accident. Free potassium iodate tablets should be pre-distributed to the population within 50km of Hunterston B.

Office of Nuclear Regulation Meeting re: Hunterston B

This is an update from Dr Ian Fairlie about the meeting that he and Sean Morris of Nuclear Free Local Authorities have had with the Office for Nuclear Regulation about Hunterston Nuclear Power Station in Ayrshire. Radiation Risks working group within Scottish CND have been doing some work around this topic and have recently released a short report which can be found on our website and printed copies available in the office.

The Doomsday Machine Review - David Peutherer

The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner by Daniel Ellsberg, Bloomsbury Publishing, 2017 [2018 in UK]

From Dresden to Doomsday

In the early 1960s Ellsberg worked for the RAND Corporation on how to avert a nuclear exchange between the Soviet Union and the United States, was a consultant to the United States Department of Defense and the White House, and drafted Secretary Robert McNamara's plans for nuclear war. He had access to top secret documents, senior military personnnel and other senior officials. He now writes and lectures about the dangers of the nuclear era.

Disarming Nuclear Scotland Conference - Helensburgh CND


The conference this year explores some of the main campaigning work that will enable us to achieve a Scotland mercifully free of all nuclear armaments.

In the morning session Janet Fenton provides an update on Scottish CND's priority areas of work such as the UN Treaty Ban (TPNW), while Gordon Dickson and Jean Anderson outline our efforts to work with and through trusted political partners such as the SNP and the Greens. Martin Docherty will reiterate the SNP commitment to a speedy removal of Trident given earlier this year at the party's Spring Conference. The addience will have an opportunity to question all speakers throughout the day.

Scottish CND join Hiroshima Fast

SCND’s Iona Soper, Emma Cockburn, Janet Fenton and Brian Quail, and are undertaking a fast in commemoration of the atomic attack’s by the US Government on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6th and 9th August 1945. They act as part of an international initiative. Their statements will be issued, one for each day and published on http://www.nuclearban.scot 

Roadmap for Trident Removal

SNP CND have published a Roadmap for Trident Removal. This is a detailed map of how an independent Scotland can get rid of Trident. 


Campaigners Reclaim UK Nuclear Base for Peace on Anniversary of TPNW

On the second anniversary of the day the United Nations agreed to ban the bomb, Trident Ploughshares, in order to challenge Faslane's legitimacy and highlight the progress that has been made since a huge majority of the world's states took the ban decision, used spray paint to re-decorate the main entrance of the base for peace and blocked the base's other entrance.