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Government Ducking Questions On MPs\' Trident Vote

Pressed by the SNP MP Stewart Hosie on whether the Government would allow a vote in the House of Commons on the replacement of Trident the Defence Min ister Adam Ingram refused to be drawn on the matter. The Prime Minister also tried to dodge the question in the House of Commons and only promised a \'full debate\' when questioned on the issue. Commenting Mr Hosie said: \"It is deeply ironic that both Blair and Brown will argue that these weapons will be used to protect democracy when they can\'t even commit themselves to allow a democratic vote in the House of Commons. \"It is equally ironic that they can send our troops to war on Iraq on the pretext that it had Weapons of Mass Destruction which turned out to be non-existent. Yet, at the same time, they base the UK\'s existing WMD in Scotland and refuse to rule out a new generation of nuclear weapon. \"Under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty the signatories - which includes the UK - are duty bound to seek to rid the world of nuclear weapons. Surely we would be much more credible in preaching non-proliferation to countries such as Iran and North Korea if we were not also taking the decision to upgrade our own nuclear weapons? \"Nuclear weapons are an expensive ambition for which Scotland and the rest of the UK will have to pay the price. It is extraordinary that this Labour Government find it difficult to find finance for a range of positive proposals but casually wish away billions of taxpayers\' money on renewing new weapons of mass destruction on the Clyde which the majority of Scots are against.\"