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Write to Your MP on NATO

Please write to your MP, at House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. In the context of the Trident replacement debate,ask your MP’s Opinion on the UK’s po sition on NATO. Please stress that you want your MP’s Opinion, not that of the Ministry of Defence, and ask: Do you support NATO’s policy of first use of nuclear weapons? Do you think that UK foreign policy should be independent of NATO? Do you think UK foreign policy should be dependent on the threat and use of nuclear weapons? Would you support the creation of a European Nuclear Weapons Free Zone? Do you think the Government should be seeking a replacement for Trident? Some background Despite the unequivocal commitment to achieve nuclear disarmament, made at the 2000 Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, no steps to disarmament had been taken by the time of the 2005 Review Conference, and none was agreed in 2005. The Trident fleet is integrated into NATO. Geoff Hoon, then UK Defence Secretary, said in April 2005, that UK policy was governed by its “obligations to NATO”. NATO has rejected a policy of “no first use”, which means that the UK could launch nuclear weapons even though it had not been subjected to a nuclear attack.Trident is not “independent”, but is heavily dependent on the US for design, parts and use (Dan Plesch, New Statesman, 27th March).