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Plaid Cymru Boycott Submarine

Plaid Cymru councillors have rejected an invitation to visit Llanelli's adopted naval submarine in a protest against nuclear arms.

Members of the town council declined to board HMS Trenchant, the nuclear submarine which has been affiliated to the town since the days of the borough council. They made the stand on grounds it sanctions a policy to which they are fundamentally opposed.

Councillor Dyfrig Thomas said accepting the invitation would be nothing more than an endorsement of national hypocrisy.

"We are asking nations around the world not to indulge in nuclear arms, but the UK is quite happy to do so itself," he said.

"This is not a defensive effort. Its missiles can target up to 1,000 miles, and it would kill innocent women and children if it was used. "No representatives of Plaid Cymru will be attending."

The actions of the councillors has been backed on a national level by Plaid. Spokesman Alun Evans said the party stood behind the move and that it should not be taken as a slight against British soldiers, sailors and airmen.

"This boycott is a protest against the unethical and extortionate nuclear weapons programme," he said.

"Plaid supports Welsh service men and women themselves, and that is why we have been drawing attention to the poor way that members and ex-members of the Armed Services are treated by some members of the public and by Westminster."

The invitation was accepted by the Independent and Labour members of the council, who will be sending members to visit the vessel at the Devonport Naval yard in the next few weeks.