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Scottish CND statement on North Korea Crisis

The current tensions between North Korea and the US continue to give concern.

Scottish CND take a firm view that diplomacy is the best way forward.

Arthur West chair of Scottish CND said,

'Donald Trump needs to think before he speaks.

'As former US Vice President Al Gore said he needs to listen to those sensible voices who are urging diplomacy and restraint in this difficult situation.'


Scottish CND are also urges members and supporters to attend a vigil organised by the Scottish Peace Network on Thursday August 24 at the Donald Dewar statue in Buchanan Street between 5 pm - 6 pm.

The vigil will be highlighting the need for a more peaceful world and the resolution of difficult situations in places such as North Korea through diplomacy rather than by bloodshed.

All Scottish CND members and supporters are welcome to attend this vigil, even for a short time

Arthur West

Chair, Scottish CND

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