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Does Trident feed, house and care for us?

Veronika Tudhope (Vice-chair of Scottish CND) spoke at the Scotland United Against Austerity rally in Glasgow. A video is available at http://bit.ly/1Szl1fh  (28:00). She said:

I’m one of many Scots working hard to get rid of nuclear weapons from Scotland, from the UK and from the whole world.

I talk a lot to people about this aim and, somewhat to my surprise, not everyone agrees with me. 

Apparently some people think they are needed to make us feel secure. So what threatens the people of Scotland? What threat to Scotland’s people outweighs the danger of accident, malicious attack or war leading to a nuclear explosion centred on a spot only 25 miles from Glasgow?


It seems to me that the greatest threats to people of Scotland currently are hunger, homelessness and poverty. The Scots also face further dangers such as social inequality and risks to our environment. How will nuclear weapons protect us from these? Does Trident feed, house, educate and care for us?

Supposing we lived in a Scotland without nuclear weapons Not only would you feel safe from a nearby nuclear explosion We would also have more money to spend on alleviating hunger, homelessness and poverty. We’d even have some left over for education and heath.

The government is proposing to renew trident at the cost of 100 billion pounds. That is 1 followed by 14 zeros. This is how much the government wants to spend on renewing Trident. Picture it - a pound sign - one - and fourteen zeros. 

This is the kind of money which could treat 3.3 million cancer patients, or pay health and social care costs for 116,000 dementia patients every year for 50 years, or pay wages of 77,000 nurses for 50 years, or pay wages of 60,000 primary teachers for 50 years

At Scottish CND we are working very hard to persuade the current Government that Trident renewal is a mistake.

Security is not about nuclear weapons on the Clyde.Security is about food, jobs and  housing and that’s what Scotland’s people deserve.

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