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Navy act dishonourably throwing out whistleblower

The Navy have thrown out William McNeilly, the submariner who blew the whistle on nuclear submarines, describing Trident as "a disaster waiting to happen". He has been given a dishonourable discharge.  In response a spokesperson for Scottish CND said: 

"When the Navy interviewed McNeilly they were only interested in discrediting what he had published. They don't appear to have tried to get to the root of the problems he raised. The allegations are so serious that they must be investigated thoroughly, not just brushed aside. It is the Navy who have acted dishonourably, not William McNeilly.


"McNeilly's release was delayed because he was not willing to retract his claims about the dangers from Trident. He should be commended for sticking to his principled position and not buckling under pressure from the top brass."

Brendan O'Hara MP (SNP) said:

"We should all be grateful that he was courageous enough to bring these matters to public attention, especially as he had nothing to gain personally and, as we see so much to lose. The Ministry of Defence has a culture of secrecy in areas of public concern and it is a disgrace that all too often the only way we get to hear about breaches in security and safety is when a courageous individual speaks out."

In its editorial, The National said:

"The seriousness of the allegations deserves a detailed, rigorous reply. Alex Salmond described Fallon's response as an 'insult to the public's intelligence'. Luckily we now have 56 MPs to make sure these claims are not simply swept aside."

The Scotsman said:

"This is a regrettable outcome for a whistleblower. It sends out the message that anyone who raises concerns about safety or security will lose his or her job and reputation.... If we accept the need for whistleblowers, we cannot make an exception for the armed forces to be treated differently."


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