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Minister's statement doesn't address details

Scottish CND expressed concern that the statement by Defence Minister Michael Fallon does not properly respond to the report from Trident whistleblower William McNeilly -
"Michael Fallon has casually brushed aside the serious allegations about Trident safety made by William McNeilly. He has slithered out of giving a detailed reply to each of the problems identified in the whistleblower’s report.  The only specific item that he mentions is the question of e-cigarettes. He does not even attempt to answer concerns about a fire in the Missile Compartment of a Trident submarine.  He says nothing about McNeilly’s claim that there is a shortage of suitable people to work on Trident missiles, even though this is confirmed in reports from the MOD and their nuclear regulator. Fallon appears to be more concerned about operational concerns, such as keeping one Trident submarine on patrol at all times, than with safety."
William McNeilly's original report 

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