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SNP reaffirm Trident red line

Scottish CND has welcomed a statement by Stewart Hosie MP on Scotland Tonight. The SNP deputy leader  made it clear that any support for a Labour government in a hung parliament would depend on them abandoning their plans for Trident replacement.

John Ainslie of Scottish CND said, "We are glad that Mr Hosie has cleared up this matter. We welcome the SNP's promise not to support any Labour government if it squandered £100 billion on more nuclear weapons."

There had earlier been speculation in the Guardian that the SNP had watered down its stance. However Nicola Sturgeon tweeted, in a reply to the Guardian, "What I actually said is that SNP would NEVER vote for Trident".


Below is a transcript of part of the interview on the Scottish Television evening news programme on 10 march 2015:

Stewart Hosie

I think the confidence and supply arrangement does seem the most likely to provide certainty and gives us the opportunity to have one set of negotiations on some things to make sure they can govern for 5 years. 

John McKay

But that would require you to support the budget, a Labour budget?

Stewart Hosie

Yes it would and that would be one of the things it required to be agreed. There is no question about that and given we’ve said we want an end to austerity it is pretty clear we wouldn’t be able to support a budget that involved more cuts similar to the ones the Labour party voted for, that was the Tory programme on 13th January.

John McKay

But the sticking point in that might well be that any Labour budget would include defence spending and that would include some money towards Trident and you’re dead against Trident, could you support such a budget?

Stewart Hosie: 

If it was a confidence and supply arrangement and we had to agree on some things, one of them would be Trident and our opposition to spending £100 billion pounds on it. If it was a vote by vote basis then self evidently there wouldn’t have been an agreement. But we need to wait until the early hours of the 8th of May to find out what the Parliamentary arithmetic looks like so that we can determine the course of action, both ourselves and other parties might want to take.

John McKay

You’ve made it very clear you’d have to wait and your opposition to Trident, but if it comes down to confidence and supply and you have to support a Labour budget that will include, because Labour supports Trident for the time being, that would include spending, inevitably defence spending on Trident, within that budget, is that a budget you could support?

Stewart Hosie


Not if it involved Trident being replaced, absolutely not, the key thing you said there ‘for the time being’, we saw the polling evidence at the weekend 75% of Labour candidates share our position that Trident shouldn’t be replaced. It might well be, John, that there’s a majority to scrap Trident. 



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