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Trident renewal pledge in Labour manifesto

Scottish CND has expressed disappointment at Sadiq Khan's statement today on Radio 5 that the Labour manifesto will include a commitment to renewing Trident. John Ainslie, Coordinator of Scottish CND said: "We are disappointed that the Labour party will commit to renewing Trident in their election manifesto. This goes against the views of many of their own candidates as well as the majority of people in Scotland.  In a time of austerity the last thing we should be doing is spending £100 billion on more weapons of mass destruction.  Nuclear weapons only make the world more dangerous, they do nothing to make us any safer."

 John Piennar asked:

"The Scottish National Party are keen to see Trident kicked off the Clyde. They have no time for the Trident missile programme. Labour's committed to renewing the Trident missile programme.  There's been a report in the Sun newspaper the other day that one of Ed Miliband's more senior advisors Lord Wood, Stewart Wood, he wants to not renew the Trident programme. He wants to scrap that commitment. So you can easily assure anyone who is worried about that that Labour will stick to the promise to renew Trident."

Sadiq Khan replied:

"I can and I do and you'll see the manifesto published shortly which will say that" 

Interview with Sadiq Khan on Piennar's Politics, BBC Radio 5, 8 March 2015 (29:00) 


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