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Officials discussed Trident just before referendum

Senior officials in the Ministry of Defence held a top-level meeting on the future of Trident only 3 days before the referendum on Scottish independence. Attending the meeting were: Bernard Gray (Chief of Defence Materiel), Rear Admiral Mark Baverstock (Chief Strategic Systems Executive), Andrew Mackinder (Strategic Weapons head) and Rear Admiral Mike Wareham (Submarine director). 

 SNP defence spokesperson Angus Robertson said that the timing and topic of the meeting indicated that it wasn't routine.  William Walker, emeritus professor at St Andrews university said "The MoD was understandably nervous when opinion polls narrowed. It would be surprising if they avoided the subject".  John Ainslie of Scottish CND said, "If you were a fly on the wall you would probably have heard those Whitehall manderins panicking about what a Yes vote would mean for the future of Britain's nuclear forces".

Reported by Rob Edwards in the Sunday Herald

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