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£4.2 bn spend before Trident decision made

A report by Rob Edwards in the Sunday Herald reveals that the UK Government plan to spend £4.2 billion on the Trident replacement programme before the decision is made to go ahead with the new system. This "Main Gate" decision will be made in 2016 by the MPs elected in May 2015. 

The initial "Concept Phase" of the project cost £900 million.  We are now part-way through the "Assessment Phase" which will cost £3.3 billion, giving a total of £4.2 billion. The figures come a new report by the National Audit Office (NAO). The NAO also disclose that the MOD failed to aniticipate how difficult it would be to design a new reactor for the Trident replacement submarine. The costs of PWR3 have risen by £151 million because of a shortage of suitably qualified engineers. 


John Ainslie of Scottish CND said "The UK Government is spending eye-watering amounts of money on something which they haven't yet decided to buy".

SNP MP Angus Robertson commented "Costs are spiralling out of control before MPs have even had a chance to vote on renewal".

Patrick Harvie MSP of the Scottish Green Party added "the Treasury is only too happy to grease the wheels for the renewal of an unsafe, immoral system of mass slaughter".

Trident The Money Shredder - Vine video


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