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Nuclear Doublespeak Phrasebook

Have you received a reply from your MP about Trident? Would you like to find out what they are really saying ?  Check our Nuclear Doublespeak Phrasebook.





I believe in multilateral nuclear disarmament.

I will be the last person in the world to give up nuclear weapons.

Nuclear deterrence works.

I like Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD).

Removing Trident from Scotland will not get rid of a single nuclear weapon.

I won’t accept the fact that Trident can’t be moved and that independence will mean disarmament, because I don’t like the SNP.

Trident is an insurance policy.

Don’t read the small print, just sign at the bottom. Special offer, for you only £100 billion.

We need nuclear weapons because we live in an uncertain world.

I can’t think of any valid reasons for having nuclear weapons but we must keep them.

We will have the cheapest possible nuclear deterrent.

We might consider spending £96 billion rather than £100 billion.

Trident keeps thousands of people in jobs.

I prefer to have 520 civilians in Scotland working on Trident than to employ 70,000 nurses.

I am worried about nuclear proliferation.

It is wrong for other countries to have nuclear weapons. But we must have them.

I don’t support unilateral nuclear disarmament.

I am just pretending that I want rid of nuclear weapons. I don’t really want to do anything about them.

We have an independent nuclear deterrent.

We will fire our American Trident missiles whenever the US President tells us to.

 Trident gives us a seat at the top table.

 Every country that thinks it is important should build its own nuclear weapons.

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