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Trident debate Tuesday

MPs will debate Trident on Tuesday afternoon (20 January) in the House of Commons.

The motion submitted the SNP, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party says: 

"That this house believes that Trident should not be renewed". 

Please contact your MP to ask them to attend the debate and to vote against Trident. You can do this on writetothem.com


Suggested letter ...


I am writing to ask you to attend the debate on Trident on 20 January and to vote against Trident renewal.

The life-time costs of renewing Trident will be around £100 billions. If this plan goes ahead, then there will be £100 billion in cuts to other areas of public spending in order to pay for these indiscriminate Weapons of Mass Destruction.

he main gate decision on Trident renewal will be made in 2016, so this will be a key issue in the General Election. 20 January will be the last opportunity to debate the issue in the House of Commons before the election.

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