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Herald letter on McTernan & Trident

It is very disappointing, if not surprising, that Jim Murphy has chosen a fellow Blairite, John McTernan, to be Chief of Staff of the Scottish Labour Party (Murphy gives Blair aid top job in election campaign, January 9). The new branch manager and his chief clerk are both staunch supporters of Trident.  Like Mr Murphy, Mr McTernan has never flinched in his willingness to defend the Bush-Blair war in Iraq.


In February 2011 Mr McTernan told BBC Scotland, “If we didn’t have Trident we’d be Belgium. Some people would find that a comfortable place to be.  I wouldn’t.  If Britain is going to be a major power, Britain should have the kinds of weapons a major power has.” *

During the election campaign we can expect Mr Murphy and Mr McTernan to magic-up populist proposals. These will disguise the dark message at the heart of their philosophy - that the Great in Great Britain rests not on culture, social values or support for international development, but on our possession of indiscriminate Weapons of Mass Destruction.

John Ainslie
26 Cecil St

* The quote comes from an interview with John McTernan on Who Needs Trident? broadcast by BBC Scotland on 23 February 2011

(printed in The Herald 10 January 2014)

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