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Herald letter from Brian Quail on Jim Murphy and Trident

David Torrance writes that "the political ideology of Jim Murphy and Nicola Sturgeon is virtually indistiguishable". To which I can only gasp an incredulous "Eh, what?"

Mr Murphy is perfectly happy that Britain deploys H Bombs on full alert 24/7, ready to bring hell on earth to hundreds of thousands. He says Yes to this. Like myself, Ms Sturgeon says No. There can be no greater gulf in ideology, politics or religion that the chasm that separates this yes and this no.

Mr Murphy wants an end to all nuclear weapons, he says. He believes the only way to achieve this is by us keeping ours and updating them, while denouncing those who follow our example. Why complain that North Korea or any other state does what we are doing? "Don't do as I do, do as I say" is the hypocrite's mantra, and convinces nobody. 

On the Sunday Politics show on BBC One, he said: "It has no intellectual credibility to move the nuclear deterrent a few miles south to the North of England". He simply ignores the irrefutable findings of John Ainslie's report Trident - Nowhere to Go which proves that Trident can operate from nowhere else in the UK other than the Faslane / Coulport complex. A nuclear-free Scotland means a UK without Trident. End of story.

 "Visions only take you so far" writes Mr Torrance, but Proverbs tells us: "Where there is no vision, the people perish." In supporting British nuclear weapons of mass destruction, and abandoning any vision of a world free of these, Mr Murphy betrays the hopes not only of the Labour Party, but also of all people of goodwill.

On December 8, at an International Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons in Vienna, Pope Francis expressed support for the banning of all nuclear weapons.

Like myself, Mr Murphy is a Catholic. How does he reconcile the irreconcilable? Or does he just ignore the Pope?

Brian M Quail, Glasgow

Letter printed in the Herald 16 December 2014.



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