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Trident is just plain wrong

It is not necessarily strange for a letter to be presented in favour of keeping Trident, but when Nigel Biggar describes himself as a professor of Christian ethics at Oxford University it is hard not to react with disbelief. 

Trident is an indescriminate killer, making no distinction between civilian and military targets, and its use would mean the death of millions of men, women and children who are not involved in the fighting.


There are no restrains and no sense of proportion in nuclear war.

The Trident system is quite simply evil. It is not just that the unleashing of such weapons would mean mass murder; the very possession and implicit threatened use of nuclear weapons is in itself an aggressive act.

There are many conventional ways of defending ourselves. Most other countries manage just fine without wasting their money on Trident.

Nigel Biggar states that the removal of Trident will not have any effect on other countries. He calls it an empty moral gesture. This is a strange statement from a professor of ethics. Surely the point of Christian ethics is that we do what is right and oppose what is wrong whatever the outcome? We cannot make others follow our lead, but we can do what we know to be right in the place where we are.

For the last 30 years the Church of Scotland has voiced its opposition to the possession and threatened use of these barbaric missiles and all mainline churches in the UK today say very much the same thing.

Trident is just plain wrong. It needs to go.

For a professor of Christian ethics to be suggesting otherwise is shocking.

Rev David McLachlan, Glasgow.

Letter to the Herald printed 8 September 2014.

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