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Falmouth rejects Trident - Yes will mean disarmament

Conservative, Labour and Green party politicians in Cornwall have firmly rejected the idea that Falmouth could be turned into a store for nuclear weapons.  This proposal was central to the recent RUSI report which argued that a Yes vote would result in Trident remaining in Scotland until 2028, after which the nuclear weapons would be moved to Falmouth.  The strong local opposition to this proposal kills it stone dead before it has taken off the ground.  

John Ainslie, Coordinator of Scottish CND said:

"The idea, in the RUSI report, that Trident would move to Falmouth, was an assertion. It was not backed by any detailed evidence. Our own studies have shown that the site would be dismissed, primarily on safety grounds. Now local politicians from three parties have united to reject the plan. This means that the fate of Britain's nuclear weapons lies in the hands of Scots who will cast their votes in four weeks time. A Yes vote will not just move Trident South of the border. It is likely to result in London deciding to scrap Trident."

A report in today's issue of West Briton quotes Sarah Newton, Conservative MP for Truro and Falmouth:

"The Ministry of Defence (MoD) confirmed to me that the only time they actively considered this possibility was in the 1960s where Falmouth was considered alongside many different locations. This study found Falmouth to be an unsuitable site. Local residents and I very much agree with this verdict".

Hanna Toms, Labour councillor for Penwerris Falmouth said:

"We live in an area of outstanding natural beauty, which is a great tourist attraction and it is a completely unsuitable place to be storing nuclear weapons. Our economy thrives on tourism and I don't think that the sense of having nuclear weapons on our doorstep is going to do our industry any good at all".

Molly Scott Cato, Green Party MEP for the South West said:

"I will do all I can to resist these deadly weapons being based in the South West; highly dangerous in themselves, they would also make Falmouth a potential terrorist target".

Source: West Briton 21 August 2014

Admiral Lord West has been a cheerleader for Trident and a staunch advocate of the Union. On 9th May he told Radio Scotland that Falmouth had been the Navy's preferred choice in the 1960s, but it was not an option today. (http://bit.ly/1iApMoK)

Speaking on Andrew Neil's programme, "Scotland votes: What's at stake for the UK?", leading academic Lord Hennessy said "Scotland could be the trigger for nuclear disarmament for the UK".

RUSI report "Relocation Relocation Relocation":

Scottish CND response to the RUSI report:



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