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Draft bill shows Yes vote will eject Trident

The Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament welcomes the inclusion in the draft Independence Bill of a requirement to eject Trident. The Scottish Government had already recommended that the Constitutional Convention should include a prohibition on nuclear arms in the permanent constitution. The draft Bill published today adds to this, by placing clear obligations on the government of an independent Scotland to act before the permanent constitution takes effect.
Arthur West, Chair of Scottish CND said: "We welcome the proposal that the Government of an independent Scotland would be obliged to negotiate the removal of Trident. This makes it clear that a Yes vote will lead to a Scotland which is free from nuclear weapons."


Section 23 of the independence bill says:
"The Scottish Government must pursue negotiations with a view to securing
(a) nuclear disarmament in accordance with international law, and
(b) the safe and expeditious removal from the territory of Scotland of nuclear weapons based there."
The Independence Bill proposes that a convention would be set up to draft the permanent constitution. In "Scotland's Future" the Scottish Government said
"there are certain provisions that the present Scottish Government will propose for consideration by the constitutional convention:
..... a ban on nuclear weapons being based in Scotland"
Further information on Trident and Independence is available in "No Place for Trident: Scottish Independence and Nuclear Disarmament": http://www.banthebomb.org/images/stories/pdfs/noplacefortrident.pdf

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