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Scottish CND registers as campaigner for Yes vote

The Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament has been registered by the Electoral Commission as a campaigning participant for a Yes vote in the referendum on Scottish independence.
Arthur West, Chair of Scottish CND said,
"We have registered with the Electoral Commission in order to be fully transparent about our participation in the referendum campaign. Scottish CND agreed to support the Yes campaign at our annual conference in 2012. This decision was taken because our purpose as an organisation is to promote nuclear disarmament and we believe that independence offers the best opportunity for this. We recognise that some of our members and supporters may have other reasons for not making this choice and we respect that and we will continue to work with a range of political parties."
Confirmation letter from the Electoral Commission.
Scottish CND has produced reports, handouts and leaflets on Trident and Scottish Independence.
On 17 November 2012 Scottish CND's Annual Conference passed a resolution which said:
Conference urges all members to give priority to the campaign for a 'YES vote' in the 2014 Independence Referendum which will give the Scottish Government a mandate to negotiate a written constitution with a clause on No Nuclear Weapons in Scotland. 

Conference resolves that SCND affiliates to and promotes the “Yes” Campaign as the most immediate and effective way of getting rid of Trident.

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