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Disappointing response from Johann Lamont regarding Trident

The STUC Annual Congress took place in Dundee between 14th and 16th April 2014

Arthur West, chair of Scottish CND, asked Johann Lamont leader of the Scottish Labour Party to clarify the policy of her party in relation to Scrapping Trident. He was attending the Scottish Trade Union Congress this week as a delegate from Kilmarnock and Loudoun Trades Union Council.

Arthur put the question to Ms Lamont during a question and answers session on the final day of congress on Wednesday April 16th.

Arthur said that the response to his question was disappointing as Ms Lamont indicated that it was the policy of the Scottish Labour to favour multi lateral moves toward nuclear disarmament. She said that her party did not have a policy in line with the Scottish CND position of Scrapping Trident at the earliest possible opportunity.

 Arthur said:

"The response by Johann Lamont to my question shows that CND members and supporters who are Labour Party members continue to have a challenge in persuading the party leadership to fall in line with the vast majority of the Scottish public opinion on scrapping Trident."

Please visit this page to see STUC's response to Johann Lamont speech to STUC Congress.

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