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No Place for Trident

A new report from Scottish CND sets out how a Yes vote in September is likely to result in nuclear disarmament. It argues that an independent Scotland will not negotiate a deal to keep Trident. There are no viable sites for relocating Britain's nuclear weapons, so the government of the rest of the UK can be expected to decide that Trident should be scrapped.
John Ainslie, Coordinator of Scottish CND and author of the report, said 

"This new report explains in detail how a Yes vote is likely to result in the removal of nuclear weapons from Scotland and in the London government deciding to scrap Trident. It shows that Scots have a real opportunity in September to have an impact on nuclear disarmament."


The 30-page report is available at: http://www.banthebomb.org/images/stories/pdfs/noplacefortrident.pdf





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