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Trident – crucial issue in the Independence debate

A new report from the House of Commons Foreign Affairs committee shows how critical the Trident issue is in the independence debate.

The report highlights the great difficulty of trying to move Trident to England. Scottish CND has argued that this will be virtually impossible. (Trident: Nowhere to Go


Committee witnesses said the costs may be so prohibitive that a nuclear-free Scotland could mean full UK disarmament.

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon responded to the report by reaffirming the SNP's intention to remove Trident as quickly and safely as possible."We do not want Trident in Scotland. The removal of Trident from Scotland, it has to be in a safe timescale. We want that to be the speediest possible safe timescale for removal.”

The report says: The Scottish Affairs Committee took evidence on what the "speediest safe transition" could mean in practice and concluded that it would be possible to deactivate Trident within a matter of days, and for the nuclear warheads, missiles and submarines to be removed from Scotland within twenty four months, assuming that there was full co-operation between the Scottish and UK Governments.

Interested to read the full report? Here you have the Nuclear Weapons section:



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