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If Britain fired Trident

A new report from the Scottish CND, "If Britain fired Trident", details how an attack from one of the Trident submarines  based at Faslane, against its most likely targets, would result in 5.4 million deaths. Nick Clegg recently confirmed that Trident is still designed to "flatten Moscow". The Scottish CND paper explains the effect of detonating 20 nuclear weapons inside Russia's capital and a further 20 in the surrounding area. 
This has been published in advance of a major international gathering in Olso, hosted by the Norwegian Government, which is looking afresh at the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons. Four delegates from Scotland, including Bill Kidd MSP, will be taking part.
John Ainslie, Scottish CND coordinator and author of the report, said
"The Trident submarines at Faslane are not just a blot on the Scottish landscape. They are specifically designed to wipe out around half of the population of Europe's second largest city. Among the 5.4 million fatalities would be 800,000 children. Schools, hospitals and clinics would be destroyed. The time has come for Scots to say that we will no longer continue to be the unwilling host of these indiscriminate Weapons of Mass Destruction."
The full report is available online at: http://bit.ly/XcVJr9

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