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Labour Dig Themselves Deeper Into The Nuclear Hole

This week, in his speech to the UN about the climate emergency, David Attenborough said:

Perhaps most significant lesson brought by these 12 months has been that we are no longer separate nations, each best served by looking after its own needs and security. We are a single global species whose greatest threats are shared and whose security must ultimately come from acting together, in the interests of us all.”

Compare this realism with the latest line from UK Labour and its shadow defence secretary John Healey, that Labour's support for keeping the UK's nuclear weapons is "non-negotiable". This is a switch from the tone of recent times in which the issue might have only arisen when the question was asked. In contrast Healey's pitch is proactive – it's aim is to prove beyond doubt Labour's virility - a macho commitment to establish beyond question its readiness to put aside all squeamishness in regard to preparations for the slaughter of vast numbers of innocent civilians. And where is Scottish Labour in all this?

It is utterly depressing that in the UK both the governing party and the official opposition are digging themselves ever deeper into a backward and ignorant hole. The threats we face are of such a nature that the choice facing us is peaceful global collaboration or global ruin. UK policy is indeed to amplify and refine one of these threats – the risk of catastrophic nuclear war. Against such rank stupidity stands the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons – the call of the world for the complete elimination of that risk.

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