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Challenging NATO

Important reading. NATO WATCH has published Peace research perspectives on NATO 2030: A response to the official NATO Reflection Group – a collection of essays from a group of leading peace researchers, academics and civil society practitioners, among them Ray Acheson, Martin Butcher and Paul Ingram.

In his introductory essay Ian Davis says:

This direction of travel is hardly surprising given that the ten experts that wrote the NATO report represent what might broadly be described as the so-called realist paradigm: a worldview that emphasises the role of the state, national interest and military power in world politics.”


In contrast to the NATO report, the essays in this volume are written by a group of leading peace researchers, academics and civil society practitioners who broadly fall within a human security paradigm: a worldview in which the focus shifts from the state to a ‘human–centric’ vision.”

It is of course this human-centric vision that has led to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons which has subverted the convention security approach of the nuclear-armed states and put in place instead a focus on the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons in the past, present and future alongside a realistic response to the appalling and ever-present risks of so-called “deterrence”.

It should now be obvious to all that the selfish interests of a nation or a block of nations backed by military power has nothing to offer in response to the breath-taking challenges facing the whole planet. We have to wise up, and quickly.

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